About Us

TSK Football Management is a football management consultancy organization that is based in Australia and operates throughout the world.

We are firm believers that talent can be found anywhere and we have a genuine belief that every talent deserves a chance to be discovered.

We are scouting and talent identification specialists with a keen interest in scouting young talent and providing them with the appropriate mentorship and guidance to advance their career in the right

We are proud to have helped many young and established male and female footballers providing them with genuine opportunities to trial and play in Europe.

TSK Football Management has solid relationships with key figures within the A League clubs landscape as well as a partners’ network that extends to Europe, the Middle East and South America.

We dedicate special attention to female football and we have a keen interest in supporting young female footballers to reach their full potential.

We are led by an AFC/FA A Diploma level Managing Director with decades of experience in playing and coaching football, coupled with a long successful corporate career. This puts us in a unique position as not only having the wide solid network to assist both clubs and players, but as people
who genuinely understand this sport and are passionate students of the beautiful game .